How to Make an Effective Direct Response (DR) Tweet Copy In 2020?

April 2, 2020

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Twitter is an exceptionally amazing social media tool when it comes to marketing, sales and customers' opinions. The popularity of Twitter is known to us all, so if you want to broadcast your ideas, you have to advertise a campaign for a company or an individual, Twitter can do it like a wildfire. But there are ways to do it properly when it comes to Digital Marketing, so the effect is strong and can gain lots of customers.


A while ago, Twitter researched ways to improve the campaign performances and increase ROI with Tweet copy, by looking at 9000 direct Response (DR). A few weeks ago, Twitter came up with an initiative explaining what makes an effective tweet copy. These tips will help you in making the tweet copy more effective for your campaign, and boost your tweet performance in 2020.


Twitter’s Creative Lead “Joe Waddington” has called this particular initiative ‘Good copy, Bad Copy’. How simple and interesting is that! When you watch the video, you’ll notice how easy it has been explained to increase your tweet performance for the business and campaigns, by tweaking certain things. Let’s rehash the tips explained in the video for an effective Tweet copy.


1. Exclude the CAPS: Although the text in capital implies gathering attention or emphasizing the importance, it also means shouting. You don’t need to shout on Twitter to promote your tweet to boost your campaign. It has been observed that promoted tweets with 20% or more characters in capital letters have 2% higher cost per acquisition (CPA) and a 9% lower click through rate (CTR). 


Avoiding caps and going with the normal makes it better.


2. % beats $: Various studies have shown that people prefer % signs over the $$ signs. When they see tweets with %, they click more on those tweets. Tweets who promote discounts in % have 40% lower CPA than those who advertise discounts in $$.  


To promote your business, a sale or a campaign using a % sign will help the tweet perform much better. Try it and see if it changes anything for you.


3. Hashtags: Hashtags are important! But one should know when to use them and when to avoid them. Having 1 or 2 hashtags is more effective in promoting content than having many hashtags. You don’t want the audiences to click on the hashtag, right? You want them to engage in your product or website or campaign. As per a study, tweets with one or more hashtags had 24% higher CPA and 3% lower CTR. 


Keeping the tweets simple, concentrated and well-focused will aid in better Tweet copy performance.




4. Use URL: If you want to direct the customers to your website or a campaign page, mention a URL at the end of the tweet, rather than mentioning hashtags. 


5. Website Cards: Make use of Twitter Website cards for your promotion. It is an efficient way. Also, these can be used organically! To make the website cards work, you need to put a URL at the end of the card, and completely avoid the hashtags.

We can see in the mentioned video, that the good copy looks better for a tweet and can result in the higher promotion of the tweet and product. Follow these simple and useful tips and can see the result for your campaign performance. Even though it all looks simple and known, the final effect can be immense.


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