Interesting Must Watch Ted Talks for Every Social Media Enthusiast

March 5, 2020

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Since the social media is evolving rapidly and its use has grown tremendously, businesses are looking for their content to go viral on the Internet. 


For a successful strategy on social media, various factors are needed to be checked and most importantly it is to be noted that the information is shared from a credible source.


Social media is going to stay always, and to embrace it, we need to have a strategy. These following TED talks will deliver that for better understanding. 


1. Christiane Amanpour: 'How to Seek Truth in the Era of Fake News'


In this video, TED Curator Chris Anderson and Christiane Amanpour discusses fake news, objectivity in journalism, and more. She shares her wisdom on fake news which have been spreading fast and becoming the threat to the democracy, and the truth, advising the audiences to be careful from where they are getting their information, being responsible about what they read, watch and listen and to get the information from the trusted brands. 


It just makes us think if the fake news can be curbed on social media platforms and reliable and true news can be spread?


2. Dao Nguyen: 'What Makes Something Go Viral?’


 Dao Nguyen is BuzzFeed's Publisher and in this TED talk she talks about how anything can go viral. 


She talks about how a BuzzFeed video which was live streamed on Facebook went viral when BuzzFeed played a prank on their boss on his birthday by putting baby goats in his office. With over unexpected 82,000 comments, they hypothesized that connecting with the audience, how they feel and how they see themselves as a part of the community and what makes them happy is what was important, for anything to go viral on a social media platform.  


She gives a glimpse at how her team creates contents which people love and emphasizes about the system they have developed to understand how people use content to connect and create culture.


3. Eli Parser: 'What Obligations do Social Media Platforms Have to the Greater Good?'


Eli Parser in the Ted talk, discusses how we can build social media today better and create trustworthy online communities. He discusses how social media is harming the society and setting people apart with the misinformation, hacking and online bullying on various social platforms.


Eli Parser says that social platforms should be viewed as physical spaces and how physical spaces need structuring and building, same way digital platforms need these things so people can come together digitally in harmony.


4. Joseph Gordon-Levitt: 'How Craving Attention Makes You Less Creative'


Joseph Gordon-Levitt in his refreshing honest talk, talks about how creativity is being affected because we need more attention on social media platforms, and about the two powerful feelings - paying attention & getting attention. 


Having a need to have constant attention affects creativity. You are more worried about the likes, good comments and more clicks on your content than your work. This habit of putting more effort in getting attention leads to more unhappiness.  Paying attention to what you care about without worrying about the attention from the social media or big companies, although can make one happy!


5. Raghava KK: 'What's Your 200 Year Plan?'


Raghava KK in the TED video talks about how to make today’s choice and tomorrow’s goals, by encouraging the audiences to make their own 200-year plan too. He believes that creativity is the most important tool and it lets us create who we are and curate what is to come later. He came up with a 200 year plan with his wife for life, where - what should be in that plan, what should expire in the plan and what would be left as a legacy to be remembered in the digital world today, after one is gone from the world, is what’s planned. 


These TED talks will give you an insight about life, businesses, creativity and will provide you with a perspective of the current digital scenario. What you do will impact the society, and what’s happening in the society depends on what roles these social media platforms will play to portray it; whether it’ll be made as fake news or not, under the pressure of needing attention and gaining viewers!





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