6 Link Building Myths You Must Know

February 7, 2020

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It is not enough to have a well designed website in order to draw traffic to it. If you are already a big brand then your name can do the work for you, but lesser known businesses have to struggle to draw the attention of internet users. This is where search engine optimization of SEO comes into the picture. SEO is an industry that changes colors every day. Link building is an important part of SEO and yet there are many misconceptions about it in the market. These myths can cause you to make a fatal mistake of not paying enough attention to your backlinks. Let us look at the main myths surrounding link building that you must ignore.


Myth 1 – You don’t need links for a rank


There are still people around who think that link building is not necessary for ranking.
However, the fact is that the more authoritative, relevant backlinks that you are able to
build the higher the site will rank for its target keywords.


Myth 2 – Only links with high domain authority are useful


Of course if you are building links then it is always advisable to target
sites with high domain authority. However, these are not the only prospects
that you should worry about. Sometimes a low domain authority simply
means that the site is a new one. Then again along with authority, relevancy
also matters a lot. If a link prospect is properly relevant to your website then
you should opt for it even if it has a low domain authority.



Myth 3 – You need to build links to pages where you are looking to convert


There are pages on most websites where you are looking at converting visitors into leads
or leads into sales. Some people think that all traffic should be directed to these pages,
but this is not an advisable technique. This is because such an approach will appear
spammy or aggressive to the sites you are approaching. Then again the visitors will
want information first before they convert. Hence build your back links in such a
way that the both the target sites and the visitors feel comfortable with.


Myth 4 – the more websites you approach, the more links you will get


There are the people in SEO industry who believe in sending emails across to all
the websites that they can where there is even the slightest relevance to their own site.
But this approach does not lead to quality link building. For this you need to send
an outreach which is more thoughtful and personalized. That is when your chances
of getting quality backlinks are more.



Myth 5 – Link building is only for the Google algorithms


Of course, link building is essential in order to rank for your target keywords in Google.
However, the benefit of link building is not just algorithmic. In fact,
your brand will become more visible and users will come across a resource with your
link they are more likely to click it and increase the traffic on your website.


Myth 6 - Nofollow Links Have Zero Importance in Link Building


Normally, a link that is attributed with a no follow link delivers a signal
to Google and other search engines not to follow. Still, these links play their role
if they have key ranking factors or keywords. Google may not follow
the links but do recognize the existence
and extract whatever it wants from the links.
This can also lead to improved ranking.


There are many more misconceptions about link building in spite of the fact
that this technique has been in use for a long time. Hence make sure that you
do not commit the mistake of falling for one of these lies about link building.




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