Birth of Google Algorithm with the Launch of Google Toolbar

September 6, 2019

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When was Google Born


Do you remember when you first saw Google? Do you remember how did it appear? Going back to the years when the concept of search engine came into visualization is like a misty vision.

Before understanding the launch of Google Toolbar, let us go back to understand the existence of Google that actually gave birth to the Google Toolbar

Any guesses when Google was born – In the year 1997. Many of you may not even remember the first time you used Google



Who Gave Birth to Google


Google was the outcome of imaginative and intellectual minds of Larry Page and Sergey Brin from Stanford University. Are you aware that Google earlier was known as Backrub and functional only on Stanford servers?

Later, it came up as a unique identity, registered as with a view to make every piece of information prevailing around the world accessible and useful, the search


What is the Secret Behind the Name


Every name has a meaning and hidden value and so does Google. Why do you think ‘Google’ is known as ‘Google’? Why do you think Larry and Sergey chose the name ‘Google’ for their search engine?

Here too the story is interesting,


The name ‘Google’ was taken from the word ‘Googol’. Have you ever heard this term before? But yes, it does have a great significance of how and why ‘Google’ was named ‘Google’.

‘Googol’ defines a mathematical value of 1 followed by 100 zeros and the name was extracted from this term to display massively large number of searches and links.The name also reflects the mission of Larry and Brin to systematize every piece of the world's information while making it more meaningful and universally accessible.


When was Google Algorithm Born


It was a cold winter day of December 1, 2000 when the Google Toolbar was launched. This was certainly a turning point for Google with introduction of an award-winning search technology.

And now, it’s just a few fingers juggling on the keyboard to access any web page to search across and beyond geographical locations. 



What is Google Toolbar


It is a free plug-in that flawlessly integrates with the browser to allow web users access the highly relevant search technology to search relevant information from any webpage or website hosted on the web space.



What are the Features Google Toolbar Gave to Its Users


·         Search any specific web pages of a website available on the web.

·         Automatically discover specific terms and works on any web page.

·         Have a direct access to cached version of web pages in case of broken links.

·         Free for web users.

·         Get the exact search for relevant information from anywhere across the world.

·         Strongly supports the Page Ranking technology.


Evolving Google Trends and Updates


After 2000, Google has never looked back and continued making changes based on changing search patterns, users’ behaviors, and users’ experience.

 From then till the current core updates of 2019, Google has traveled a long way but the roots are intact and so is the establishment with the tag of being the ‘Father of Internet’.

 It is revealed that each year Google comes out with more than hundreds of changes with an incredible 3,200 Google trend updates alone in the year 2018.

According to the changing updates and trends, top digital marketing agencies of the world are creating their own success graphs.



Stay connected! Learn about the next stages of evolution of Google Algorithm in the further submissions of our thoughtful series.



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