Invest in Maintaining your Website in Google’s Ranking as it Keeps on Updating its Algorithm

September 3, 2019

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Creating website is not a one-time task. You need to keep on updating it as per Google’s changing algorithm to be able to rank on good position when your target audience search for your services or products.


So, if you are a website owner don’t sit relax because Google is running harder and harder and you have to catch the pace to be able to liked by it.


We all know that since the launch of Google, many updates and changes have come into picture but are you aware of the numbers? Have you ever thought about how often Google updates its Algorithm? 


Okay, let’s just consider last year - do you know how many changes Google brought in the past year? Surprisingly, 3,200 updates!!! Yes, Google said that based on various complex equations, there were several changes to the search system made last year alone, the amazing 2018 with so many updates.


Now, the question arises how do these changes actually matter to you and your website. Think wisely, and make a judgment how ranking of your website comes into toll. Your website’s rankings today will never be the same tomorrow because not even a single minute Google is sitting idle. Then how can you, especially when you are involved in the world of digital marketing, where Google is the King so far.


Understanding Google’s pace in bringing changes in its algorithm, Digital Platter - a Digital Marketing Company in India’s Team, takes an initiative to introduce a knowledge campaign on History of Google Algorithm Updates. We are celebrating our anniversary of inception in the month of September with small, consistent, and meaningful efforts taken towards accomplishment of several milestones in the small span of time. Happy & satisfied customers along with positive reviews & testimonials are what we have earned all through our journey till date.


The niche of the establishment is carved strongly with the infusion of choicest blessings of all special people. Moreover, the growth of this establishment in India caters to the search engines, especially the ‘Google - Father of Internet’ that controls the entire web space and the world of digital marketing, a landscape where our business thrives. Thinking about all the people and places that have helped Digital Platter shape its structure and culture, let us get back to the roots of Google Algorithm because this is what plays a major role and leaves a meaningful impact of how and why we pursue the business of digital marketing. Wisely said by an unknown author, “Always remember your roots, they are the foundation of your life and the wings of your future”.


Hence, in the month of inception, Digital Platter strives to take you on a virtual journey of Google Algorithm, a point from where it comes to the point where it is going. From history to destiny, let us together understand the evolving trends, strategies, and analysis, Google have experimented all through the years just with an earnest desire to deliver enriching user experience.


For a couple of months, we will keep sharing meaningful information about the history of Google Algorithm updates. It will also be helpful for students willing to have a career in digital marketing, professionals into the industry, and for digital marketing researchers. The complete ‘Series of Google Algorithm Updates History’ focuses on providing a deep understanding of how Google is evolving and how it is leaving its impact on search engine rankings, user experiences, and business growth. 


Stay Attuned!!!


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