What is Colocation Server Hosting

August 1, 2019

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Literally speaking, the term ‘Colocation’ means the procedure of placing the server (or equipment) in another location. Hence, it implies that Colocation server hosting is a type of web hosting service, wherein; the server is co-located in a premises other than the client’s own organization premises. Colocation Server Hosting or Co-location server hosting or Colocation web hosting service or co-located hosting, all of these terms, refer to just one type of web hosting service only.


Technically speaking, establishing a Colocation server hosting involves the following steps:


• An organization prepares a server by installing necessary programs, applications and tools.

• Then, the required files and other necessary information are uploaded to the server.

• The server is then taken to the web hosting company premises and installed in their rack.

• The web hosting company then provides an IP number, assigns a specific bandwidth and supplies power to the server machine.

• The server is set to be up and running.


After this, the website can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The main benefit is that the client owns the hardware unlike any other web hosting option. The web hosting company charges a rental fee in lieu of placing the server in their premises. In case, the internet connection is taken by the same service provider then a connection fees is also charged.


Colocation server hosting is an attractive web hosting option, as it provides the advantages of a larger organization to a comparatively small sized organization, within its limited budget constraints. This may include providing benefits to:


• Organizations with limited tecical professionals by supplementing large IT departmental facilities through the web hosting company’s team. This includes conditions such as, professionals with limited experience working with the client organization and organizations which cannot employ additional workforce due to some or the other reasons.

• Website owners having websites with large amounts of website traffic. This includes supplementing the bandwidth requirements, without any additional expenditure.

• Once, the server is  operational, the client organizations then can send their IT professionals to the hosting company’s site for regular maintenance tasks and upgrading the machine, whenever required. Another approach involves signing a contract with the Colocation hosting company itself for maintaining the server; against some charges.

• While selecting the Colocation server hosting company may should check for facility, physical infrastructure, security, bandwidth, IP address, technical support, uptime guarantee, and governing contract.


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