7 Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Web Marketing

July 29, 2019

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Artificial intelligence is slowly placing itself as an integral part of the digital world. Without doubt, the growing business arena is incomplete without up to date marketing techniques, and without artificial intelligence being incorporated in search marketing, the conquest of successful marketing will be incomplete.

 Here are some key examples of artificial intelligence that play an integral role in digital marketing:


Filtering of Data and Analysis of the Same


To target potential customers and existing customers directly is important for direct search marketing Managing, consolidating and analyzing heavy amount of data at once can be a difficult and time-consuming task for us, but complex data organization is the strength of artificial intelligence.


Search Engines


You must have noticed that a product you once viewed on an e-commerce website is visible on your social media very often. Here comes marketing incorporated with proper machine learning based algorithm. Relevant search options and mistakes being auto corrected, are all examples of this.


Visual Searching


The idea of looking at your products before buying it online may seem crucial. But what you need to know is that it has been the gift of artificial intelligence. It can be called as the visual social listening as well. Pinterest is a good example of visual marketing , extensively growing the user experience overall. It also creates an authenticity and credibility factor.


Analytics of Prediction


Certain sections of data can be predetermined and analyzed by artificial intelligence techniques. Thus, many websites, particularly e-commerce websites, are using this extensively to understand customer behavior and predict better analytics, enhancing user experience as well.


Targeting and Segmenting the Audience


Not all consumers are the same and all of them need to be segregated based on choice of products and services and potential case. Artificial intelligence works on segmenting audience and related data in real time to help target the right things to the right person. The ultimate idea of marketing is to be the catalyst that leads to a conversion and this is being done here.


Communication Artificial Intelligence


For sure you must have noticed a chat box appearing on your screen, happy to assist. Do you think it is possible for humans to do this for each and every customer? There is a massive human capital that needs to be invested and this is not viable. Thus, here came artificial intelligence in limelight, doing this much efficiently.


Speech Identification


Searching is much more easy with the need of not typing our requirement and getting it done merely with voice. Alexa and Siri is common today. This enhanced user experience and a marketing gimmick is the great work of artificial intelligence.


Recommendation of Products


Analyzing the mood of the user based on the data analytics and recommending the correct product to them is important. This is done by the artificial intelligence with perfection today. Marketing would be incomplete without this option. Proper data is driven for the customer in real time and this is not possible by less human capital investment, and more is not feasible.


This is how Artificial Intelligence is coming in place with great effect in the Web Marketing.


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