Get to Know the Digital Marketing Acronyms – Know the ‘A to K’

June 7, 2019

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Digital marketing is a vast landscape with countless terms and acronyms that defines the essence, functionalities, and structure of the marketing over the web. As and when technologies are advancing, new terms, new jargons, and of course, new acronyms are coming into notice. However, most of them are confusing with a hidden term.



For your understanding, our professional team at Digital Platter, a digital marketing consultant in Nagpur, has collaboratively listed the common acronyms often used by digital marketers. As the list is long, we have divided the article into two parts, the ‘A to K’ acronyms of digital marketing and then ‘L to Z’.


·         Alt Text: The acronym defines ‘Alternative Text’ that enables search engines to crawl the images.

·         API: The acronym defines ‘Application Program Interface’ and is known to be the building blocks for designing a software application.

·         B2B: The acronym defines ‘Business to Business’ and deals into selling products or services from one business to another.

·         B2C: The acronym defines ‘Business to Customer’ and deals into selling of products or services to the end users.

·         CPA: The acronym defines ‘Cost Per Acquisition’ that states the amount the advertiser pays for every conversion.

·         CPC: The acronym defines ‘Cost Per Click’ that states the amount the advertiser pays for every click.

·         CPL: The acronym defines ‘Cost Per Lead’ that states the amount the advertiser pays for every generated lead.

·         CRO: The acronym defines Conversion Rate Optimization that defines the rate at which visitors convert their browsing actions into purchasing plans while becoming a customer.

·         CPM: The acronym defines ‘Cost Per Thousand Impressions’ that states the actual price of every 1000 impressions on any piece of advertising.

·         DMP: The acronym defines ‘Data management Platform’ and is a unified platform that works to collect, analyze, and validate all online data.

·         DNS: The acronym defines ‘Domain Name System’ and works as a centralized phone book that stores all the information of a specific computer.

·         DR: The acronym defines ‘Direct Response’ and is a marketing strategy that evokes customers to take immediate action.

·         EPC: The acronym defines ‘Earnings per Click’ and is an estimate of the number of clicks over a period of time and earnings made in the same period.

·         EPM: The acronym defines ‘Earnings per Thousand’ that is an estimate of the earnings made for thousand clicks.

·         FTP: The acronym defines ‘File Transfer Protocol’ that works to transfer files between different computers and other digital devices.  

·         GAP: The acronym defines ‘Google Advertising Professional’ that is an adword program to analyze the identity of proficient Adwords marketers.

·         GSC: The acronym defines ‘Google Search Console’

·         HTML: The acronym defines ‘Hypertext Markup Language’ that is a set of symbols or the language of the computer that dictates the web browsers how to display any piece of content over the digital medium.

·         IM: The acronym defines ‘Internet Marketing’ that is digital marketing all about.

·         IBL: The acronym defines ‘Inbound Links’ that are redirected to a specific website from any external resource.

·         IP: The acronym defines ‘Internet Protocol’ and is a set of rules and regulation that controls the functioning of the internet on a specific computer or a laptop.

·         ISP: The acronym defines ‘Internet Service Provider’, a company that provides internet services.

·         KPI: The acronym defines ‘Key Performance Indicator’ that works as a quality value to analyze the performance of digital marketing trends to enhance the value of a specific business.


Let us take a break at this point and continue further with other acronyms starting from ‘L’ in the next article conceptualized and written by Digital Platter.



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