Top 9 E-commerce Strategies to Beat Your Competitors

May 17, 2019

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When it comes to promoting and running your ecommerce business, you have to constantly keep studying your consumers and the competition. You have to regularly come up with innovative ideas to get ahead of your competitors. E Commerce is a different kind of business compared to the traditional setup. It requires effective strategies to get ahead, such as -


1. Creating a Mobile Responsive Site


Surveys show that 90% of consumers are likely to purchase from a vendor if the mobile ecommerce experience is excellent. Chances are that most of your competition has already invested in a mobile responsive website. Taking this step should help you get at par with them, at least. Among other benefits, it also helps boost your search engine rankings.


Last but not the least, the most important aspect of this is Google’s Mobile First Index Update rolled out in 2018. The update has given the prime importance to the mobile version of your website, it will determine the website rankings.



2. Have a Mobile Ecommerce App


A mobile ecommerce app makes it even simpler and faster for your target audience to make purchase from you. This is where you can gain competitive edge because most ecommerce players aren’t likely to have already built an app. There are many advantages of having an app:


·         Reduced friction

·         Improved conversion ratios

·         Streamlined buying experience


It is recommended to include a CRM component and new product-release notifications within the app.


3. Study Your Competition


It is important to study and understand your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses to gain an edge over them. Remember, every competitor is going to have a weakness. Find these weaknesses and determine how you can use them to your advantage. Find their strengths and try to match them.


4. Build Loyalty Reward Programs


Your focus as an ecommerce business is not just to find new customers. You should also focus on keeping your existing customers and keep bringing them back for more business. This is where the quality of your loyalty program will determine your success in retaining your clients.


·         Rewards help enhance trust among customers

·         The program prevents customers from searching for other ecommerce stores

·         Rewards make them feel important

·         You can offer additional discounts, coupons, and quality services as rewards


5. Establish Your Social Media Presence


Make sure to build your business’ social media presence and maintain it by keeping in regular touch with your audience. Most of your competition is likely to have business profiles on various Social Media Platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The key to gain an edge is to maintain consistency and continuity.


·         Build a social media calendar and post regularly

·         Share your products, latest blogs, industry news, and offers on your social media profiles

·         Interact with your audience without any time gaps

·         Reach out to target audience on relevant groups and communities


6. Check Site Analytics & Adapt Marketing Strategies


Use analytics tools to study the impact of your current marketing campaigns. Make changes to your marketing strategies based on the findings. Study user behavior and adapt your strategies accordingly. Make changes to your offers and processes to satisfy your customers’ expectations and demands.


7. Reach the Global Marketplace


It is highly likely that most of your competitors target a specific marketplace. You can get ahead and boost your sales by targeting the global marketplace. It is going to require you to study about the local taxes, shipping requirements, and customs, but all that effort is certainly going to pay off in terms of more sales.


8. Offer Unique Benefits


While there will be many benefits which have to be similar to what your competition offers, there are certain benefits that should be unique to your ecommerce business. Find out what offerings can make your business stand out.


·         Best customer service

·         There can be more personalization in your customer service and user experience

·         Customized shopping experience can allow your customers to place custom orders based on their requirements.


Make sure to know what benefits your competitors are offering and create experiences better than that.


9. Special Offers


While free shipping is an expected benefit from ecommerce businesses, you should use customer behavior and purchase history to create unique offers. Such offers should help keep your brand in their mind and increase your brand’s relevance. Use CRM software to study prospects and customers to convert more of them and generate repeat business.


We at Digital Platter work dedicatedly as a digital marketing agency in Nagpur to fulfill all your web marketing and e commerce aspirations. We help you implement the aforementioned 9 e-commerce strategies to help you beat your competitors.


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