What is the Importance of Keywords in SEO?

May 3, 2019

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Keywords are an essential tool as they are the actual words or phrases against which the entire framing and functioning of the search engines works. Hence, it is important to optimize your website using the keywords that best represent your company, product/ services, market, industry , etc.  However, while using the keyword technique one particular care has to be taken that you should not cloud them so much that they either do not match the content or are not pleasing to the reader eyes. While this might be one of the factors that one has to take care of following the effective SEO techniques is imperative. You should also think about various other factors which go into developing a good SEO-friendly site. Following are a few such factors which might be helpful in building up the content:


Do the right selection:


With internet being densely populated, it has become more essential for a person to use more than one word to improvise your keyword density for the website. Also, if you have a particular specialization in a line of business, using additional words in the domain name which describes your core business area helps in increasing the traffic. For example, if you specialize in the area of dog foods like pedigree and so on, it would be more beneficial for you to include keywords like “dog-food.org”, etc. in your domain name rather than just emphasizing on the key word dog or some other word in it.  



There are many tools, which help into keyword optimization process, these include: Website Keyword Suggestion Tool and Google`s Keyword planner Tool. While the former helps you in establishing the theme of your website and also the keywords matching the theme, the latter proves to be an excellent tool for more ideas on the keywords to be used. Google`s Keyword planner Tool also, helps you know how people are using it to reach to the find out the services or products you offer.


Maintain Proper Keyword Density:


While our first essential tip was to select the keywords, our next suggestion would revolve around the proper placement and judicious count of the keywords. It is essential to use proper keywords in your content on the site without making it too cloudy or cluttered. The appropriate density for the same would be 2%-4% for the main two or three keywords and about 1%-2% for the less important keywords. One tool used to find the correct keyword density is the Keyword Density Checker.


Not just quantity; quality also matters:


Keep in mind that the quantity of the keyword used is also important apart from the quality. While it is essential to have proper keywords in the headlines, it is also important to note that the headline should not contain more than 7-8 words. After all, it is more it is just the headline, not the story, right?


Lastly, one should always remember that while keyword optimization is important, it is not keyword what you are selling but the content. Make sure the content you publish on the site has all the proper keywords along as well as being updated on time. If you are not publishing the useful content for the user, chances are there that even if he or she visits the portal once due to keyword optimization technique, he won’t venture that path ahead in future.


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