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April 19, 2019

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Certainly, every website owner would do his or her best to get the best viewership to their website. Building up best online presence to let customers know about your business and to start establishing good relationship with them needs having good traffic to the website. This can be achieved through  link building activities. Among the various search engine optimization techniques comes the website linking or link building techniques.


So, let us understand, what does link building means? Link building is a simple yet effective process to directing other websites to your website through links. Now, the question arises, why is it important to build links? The only answer is Google's algorithms. The algorithms are constantly evolving but what remains stagnant is the process of sourcing links of meaningful resources that are worthy of citation.



This article outlines few simple ethical strategies for quality link building for SEO:


·         Diversify your networks; link your site to various sources: As the rule goes in the investment world, it applies to the digital world also! Always make it a point to link the website to various ethical sources. Don’t limit it to just one or two.

·         Avoid Spammers:  Do not participate in spam sites designed to increase your site’s Page Rank.  Besides showing a bad image to your audience, you might just end up losing your own ranking as well.

·         No Quick Bites:  Always remember that there is no magic in the SEO world and there is no substitute other than hard work. There are no shortcuts to success. You should always work in the right direction and put a proper effort to use multiple SEO techniques like content submission, commenting, participating in forum discussions and so on.

·         Focus on quality: The fastest way to increase the links to your website is by providing readers what they actually want to read, thus bring them closer to your site.  If you are providing your clients with articles, free services, quality content/blogs provide them with the material they aspire. By doing this you not only strike a relationship cord with your client but also bring in the desired result for increasing your traffic with ease.  

·         Check for updates: Lastly, you should always check for updates of the content you provide. Provide your clientele with the useful updated information as and when required. If statistics are used in the content, make sure that the statistics are true and up to the mark.

·         Ensure High Quality of Linking Page: Ensure that the web page you use for linking is trusted and of high quality. This in turn helps boost search engine rankings rather than staying dependant on questionable web pages.

·         Video Transcription: Transcribing videos from reliable resources and video content of influences is always the best link building strategy. You can earn the advantage of leveraging their social audience and build a connection with them in the long run.

·         Boost Your Blog Posts: For best link building outcomes, boost your blog post by infusing as much as possible links of the important pages to the homepage of your website.


For a deeper insight, let us get to know the three important tools for link building:


·         Keyword Research: Use a recognized keyword research tool for extracting meaningful keywords related to your business profile.

·         Keyword Integration: Use a smart way of integrating the researched keyword in your content so that your content becomes searchable based on the keyword search.

·         Targeted Anchor Text: Use all highly searchable keywords as anchor texts for intelligent linking your web pages.



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