Glossary of Digital Marketing - The ‘G to N’ of Digital Marketing Terminologies

April 3, 2019

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Regardless of what you or your company sells, regardless of what digital marketing strategy you follow OR what are your business goals; you need to understand that web marketing is a vast landscape with various innovations, advancements, and concepts to follow and implement. With this venture of innovations into the landscape, various new terminologies intertwining the complex vocabulary also come into picture.



To help you further, Digital Platter, a digital marketing agency in Nagpur comes up with a complete dictionary of digital marketing technologies. In the previous article, we had covered the ‘A to F’ web marketing glossary and to continue with, we will cover the ‘G to N’ of digital marketing in this article.


  • Geo-Targeting: This is a digital advertising strategy that works to target a specific geographic location.  

  • Google Dance: This is an adjustment made in the search engine when an update in Google algorithm occurs.

  • Google Bowling: This marketing strategy is designed with low quality incoming links with a view to spoil competitor’s website.

  • Google One Box: This is a box created at the top of the search results on search engines.

  • Google Supplemental Index: This is a secondary database where Google keeps and stores all the web pages that are analyzed for low reliability, low ranking, and low trust score.

  • Grey Hat SEO: This form of search engine optimizations blends both ethical and unethical means of digital communication.  

  • Hashtag: The symbol is “#” and is used in all social media channels to tag content in a way that users can find your content in search results.

  • Hallway Page: This is an optimized page indexed by search engine spiders.

  • Impressions: These are the number of times any visitor visits a specific web page.

  • Indexing: This is the Google way of detecting the updated information and links on any specific web page.

  • Inbound Marketing: Marketing techniques with an approach to increase your web presence and create a strong network of customers by building customer loyalty towards your products and services.

  • JavaScript: This is a computer programming language that enables the designer or developer to add dynamic features to the HTML tagging of documents or files.

  • Keyword Density: Google has defined the guidelines for using the keywords in any piece of content. The number of times any specific keyword can be used is termed as the density of that keyword.

  • Like-Gate: This barrier is like a gate that needs to be crossed by pressing the Like button before actually accessing the web page.

  • Link Building: This is a process of building links of a website through various digital channels with the sole purpose to improve engine rankings.

  • Link Checker: This is an online tool that works to check for broken links.

  • Link bait: This is a piece of content created or published to attract inbound links.

  • Log File: This is a file storage system that records all the activities on a web server.

  • Managed WordPress Hosting: This is a type of web hosting service optimized exclusively for WordPress.

  • Marketing Automation: The use of computer software to automatically perform the marketing tactics through various different channels is known as marketing automation.

  • Meta Search Engine: This search engine displays various search results from multiple search engines.

  • Meta Tags: These are various tags defined to describe various different components of a web page.

  • Mousetrapping: The use of various browser tricks to engage the visitor by generating pop-up windows a repeated number of times and by disabling the ‘Back’ button.

  • Navigation: The process that facilitates movement or switch over of pages from one web page to another.  

  • No Follow: This is an HTML link to specify the search engines that the links are not for SEO purposes.


Furthermore, to continue with the remaining glossary of digital marketing from ‘O to Z’, we have compiled a new article so that a long reading does not become monotonous and boring for you. Stay alert until our next article reaches you through our medium of article submission.


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