Water Jar Management System

               Grow your Water Jar filling & distribution business 60 times by managing it through an automated process!!!

Manage your water jar distribution route wise, control Jar filling, its distribution and jar loss flawlessly, and take your business in a highly profitable mode….





















         ‘Water Jar Management System’ is a web-based bottled water delivery and distribution software solution that -

  • Serves to automate the entire process of distribution and supply at the end of water manufactures, water distribution agencies, and home delivery water cans suppliers.

 Current living environment where pollution is taking a toll on human life is demanding a great growth in the number of drinking water jar suppliers and distributors. Since, the majority of residential and official premises failing to get pure and quality water for drinking which is posing a threat to the health of many people. Under such a scenario, the initiation of many companies to venture into a business in water manufacturer, water distribution, and water supply with the mission to provide pure drinking water to one and all is really becoming a blessing to the society. Availability of pure water at a cost-effective price, is making a number of offices, factories, plants, residences, etc. to call for water jars, cans, etc. rather than placing a water purifying solution at the premises. Despite of such a requirement, the majority of water jar filling and distribution businesses are failing to see expected growth. Reason is - non-availability of a proper tracker for jar distribution, supply management, expense & income automation, etc.

Water distribution, be it through Jars, cans, bottles, etc. is undoubtedly a tedious task. Managing this distribution and keeping a track with proper records of all distribution becomes challenging. To ease the process of managing and regulating the distribution process, we have come up with a unique and comprehensive product called “Water Jar Management Software”. With the latest technological upgradation instilled with precise calculation and reporting system, we have created the top water management software for all drinking Water Can suppliers in Nagpur, Central India, and Vidarbha. You even have the ease to download the mineral water plant management software for free to have a test run on the system designed product. This will give you a fair idea of how best you can use the water management software before you actually purchase the same.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

  • Incorporates a unique billing system that takes care of all the payment transactions keeping a strict monitoring of distribution areas and route operations.

  • Increases the work efficiency of water can suppliers while helping companies to streamline their process with precision and reliability.

Features of Water Jar Management Software

 The Reports Generated by Water Jar Distribution       Management Software

  • Payment Report

  •  Management of jar distribution route wise

  •  Jar filling management control

  • Jar Status Cash Report

  •  Billing and Reporting

  •  Employee management

  •  Admin vendor distribution management

  • Balance Jar Report

  • Daily Jar Distribution Report

  • Customer Payment

  •  Procurement & inventory of water supply

  •  Sales & distribution of water cans

  • Balance Customer Payment Report

  • Vehicle Wise Water Distribution Report

  •  Customer relationship management

  • Water Can Filling Report

  •  Sales management

  •  Vehicle management

  •  Accounts Management

 Benefits of Water Jar Management Software

  •  Reduced time for lead generation

  •   Increased efficiency

  •  Quick addition and edition of various             reports and individual entries

  •  Easily accessible over the internet from any geographic location

  • Scalable and flexible water supply chain management

  • Accurate and precise readings and records

  • Real time information to take quick and important decisions

 Benefits of Water Jar Management Software

  • The mineral water business software provides a single integrated solution for all reports and insights to make each information and communication more transparent

  •  Work done with increased operational and distribution efficiency

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